Most of today’s lab materials will be found in the DSG’s R Studio Server installation. I will provide log-ins for you each in class.

Fieldbook Prompt

Our readings this week focused on histories of circulation, including historical modes of remix and reuse. Though we read it weeks ago, we could include Ellen Gruber Garvey’s work on scrapbooks here, to think about nineteenth-century modes of (re)appropriation, collage, and/or juxtaposition. How do we make meaning out of cultural scraps, both literally and figuratively? How do cut-up works resonate for writers and readers? What are the roles of repetition and novelty within the textual systems—historical or contemporary—we have studied this week, or within those you study in your own work? Finally, what do we mean by circulation in these contexts, and how does studying the social, political, and technical systems of circulation help us better understand the texts that move through them?