Lab #4: Composing the Text

For today’s lab you will set as much as possible of the following poem, which was widely reprinted in nineteenth-century newspapers. This version appeared in the *Winchester Home Journal on May 6, 1858. [Read More]
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Model Bibliographic Entry from Week 4

This week’s readings were an interesting mix of arugment, form, and content. In Melville’s “The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maid,” he explores the settings of two very different forms of culture and production: the all-male club of the Temple Bar in London and the almost all-female run... [Read More]
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Lab #3: Into the Archive/Thinking with the Codex

For this lab, I have selected books from Northeastern University’s Archives and Special Collections for us to investigate. As when we looked at Harlequins on the first day, this lab is an exercise in close looking. I’ve arranged the books in pairs, each designed to illuminate a particular textual contrast:... [Read More]
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